Good Things

More that 30 million Euros have been invested into the new printing plant, opened in 2004. Two Agfa Avallon CTP plate machines; newspaper, three magazine offset presses and one sheet-fed offset press; UV-varnishing device, four stitching machines from Müller Martini, two perfect pinders etc. were fitted during the modernisation process.

Contemporary technology allows offering different printed publications; both limited and large circulation of either thin or volumetric newspapers. We hold the largest baggage of experience in manufacture of high-quality magazines. Weekly and monthly magazines, lifestyle magazines characterised by limited circulation, advertising materials or exclusive product catalogues are being manufactured at our printing plant.

Our technical abilities allow printing publications in A5, A4 and A3 format; the circulation may range from a couple of thousand to one million copies.

Our after-press equipment allows to:

  • apply both glue and stitching of magazines
  • wrap single copies into plastic
  • use different inserts between magazines