Good Things

What are the suitable formats?

We can manufacture magazines in maximum format of 297×210 mm, etc., newspapers in the maximum size of 420×315 mm, etc. Many other formats are available. Contract the Sales Department for additional information.

How do we want you to provide the materials?

Please send all the materials as a PDF-file.

What means 4+4?

Four coloured print on both sides of a sheet.

The paper we offer

45g Newsprint is the paper that has the lowest g/m2 ration today. Magazines are printed in 51g through 130g/m2 paper while the sheet-fed offset press allows the paper of 220-240 g/m2 to be used. We can also print on light cardboard up to 300g/m2.

How do contact us?

Have you defined any deadlines for sending the materials?

You can place your materials on our FTP-server 24/7, but you should first conclude an agreements and require the ftp-address and passwords.

What kind of software we use or recommend for layout?

As a rule the client may decide which software to use. The best results are achieved when the software versions used by us and the Client coincide; otherwise we need to convert the files and this will be accompanied with high probability for the incurrence of errors and defects.

Does Printall print business cards?

No, unfortunately we don’t.