Good Things

The printed word is the most reliable.

Through the ages, printed matter has by its nature been a reflection of human development. Nowadays, the printed word is considered the most reliable because it cannot be erased, contrary to the possibilities of other media. Printed matter directs people to use more focused information, which helps to develop and educate people. According to our evaluation, printed advertising is advertising that truly works. Readers do not avoid it, contrary to television, radio and Internet advertising. The printing industry uses mostly renewable raw materials, which are the most environmentally friendly of all data carrying media – new trees are planted to replace trees used for manufacturing paper and used paper is recycled. All periodicals produced at Printall are printed on FSC and PEFC certified paper without exception.

People whose strengths are competence, multi-functionality and orientation to results work at Printall. We are one of the most modern printing plants in Scandinavia with our production building and equipment that guarantees high quality. Our advantage is our flexibility and our location – Estonia is in its own way a place where cultures meet.